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About Cuisine Links Cuisine Links is an online personal food network for consumers / foodies, restaurant owners and chefs. Users can search for recipes, find local deals that are in their area or search for restaurants based on what they are looking for. You can also connect with chefs to learn about their recipes, plan a party or event and also review / rate different chefs, or restaurants.


Cuisine Links approached us and explained how they wanted to take advantage of social media marketing. Cuisine Links did previous research and found that their niche was very active and engaging on specific social media channels. Overall, Cuisine Links really wanted to increase traffic to their website and acquire new signups for their service by using different social media channels. The challenge that Cuisine Links was facing was that they were very new to the market and it was difficult to capture the attention of their audience and then educate the audience on how their service could be useful. We were really looking forward to take on this challenge, although the foodie / cuisine industry on social media is competitive, it is a fun industry to work in when you have the right strategies in place to succeed.

Facebook Advertising



The results for Cuisine Link’s social media marketing have been fantastic. Over a 3 month period, Cuisine Links website traffic increased over 200%, their Facebook likes increased from 1,526 organic likes to 4,928. Cuisine Links now has consistent website traffic funneling from their social media channels back to their website.

The advertising and content strategies that were used to increase the website traffic for Cuisine Links ended up increasing the website traffic twice as fast ad we originally planned. With that in place, we were able to branch off with a second strategy to also specifically focus on increasing the engagement and on-channel interaction for the Cuisine Links brand.

200% Website Traffic Increase, 222% Increase In Facebook Likes, 342% Increase In Engagement.

Cuisine Links FB Likes


Advertising Results